Visiting Royal M? Here’s What to Expect Buying Cannabis in Plainfield

There’s no denying that more and more people are interested in buying cannabis nowadays. As people use their voting power to bring safe and legal recreational products to their state, we are seeing an unprecedented wave of acceptance for the varying uses of the plant. 

Right here in New Jersey, adult-use dispensaries like ours are opening up and providing new and exciting ways to experience cannabis. Here at Royal M, we believe cannabis is a wonderful way to indulge in the luxury of self-care.

Whether you’re new to cannabis or consider yourself a seasoned connoisseur, we want to make sure you’re fully prepared to visit a dispensary in Plainfield. No matter your knowledge of the plant, we are here to guide you through your cannabis journey – whatever that may look like. 

Here’s what you can expect when shopping for cannabis in Plainfield, NJ:

Safe and protected environment

First and foremost: Plainfield has always been a safe known town for children and families – and we’re not about to change that. Our New Jersey dispensary rules and regulations are guided explicitly by the state to ensure the safety of our staff, our customers, and even those who choose not to consume. 

As a legally licensed dispensary, Royal M is responsible for stocking high-quality reputable brands of cannabis in our store. This means you can expect to find products that have been lab-tested and certified by third parties. 

It also means you must be prepared to follow some rules and flash your valid, government-issued ID several times so we can adhere to local regulations and verify that you are at least 21 years or older. 

Here are some of the legal requirements that you should know:

  • You may only purchase up to the equivalent of 28.35 grams or 1 ounce of usable cannabis in each New Jersey dispensary transaction.
  • You will need to present a government-issued identification card to ensure you are 21 years or older before purchasing cannabis. 
  • You may only smoke in private spaces; however, landlords may prohibit cannabis use on their private property.
  • Transporting cannabis products across state lines, even when traveling between two legal states is prohibited.
  • Laws regarding driving while impaired apply to being under the influence of cannabis. Do not consume and drive.

To learn more about the New Jersey state recreational cannabis laws, please visit the government website.

Variety of cannabis product options

The great thing about a dispensary is that you get to shop for your favorite products in one place. From flower and pre-rolls to edibles and beverages to vapes, cartridges, concentrate, and more, there is so much variety to choose from. 

At Royal M, we offer ethically sourced cannabis products of the highest quality for adult consumption. In other words, we hand-select the brands and products in our menu to align with our quality standards. 

Since every individual has different experiences and preferences for cannabis products, we do our best to supply the best of each so you’re walking away knowing you got the best of the best – no matter what you choose. 

Vibrant culture

We know our comunidad and we know our cannabis. From local team members who focus on building deep connections to specialized and highly trained staff who can help guide you through shopping at our Plainfield dispensary, our main priority is to allow you to be the ruler of your own experience. 

The town is known for its exciting food scene and the up-and-coming artists in this creative area. Royal M will be investing in the local talent here and making an effort to give back to the community through events, impactful initiatives, and more.

Our team has taken great care in designing our in-store and online experience to reflect the local Plainfield NJ community. Whether that’s the vibrant atmosphere of our interior design and customer service or the seamless, easy-to-use features of our website. 

We’ll even have Spanish-speaking staff to better serve our diverse customers in the community. 

Best location in town

Of course, when it comes to buying cannabis in New Jersey, location is important! When you visit Royal M, there’s no need to worry about parking, traffic, or easy access. 

We’re the only dispensary that is actually located in downtown Plainfield, meaning there’s no need for you to stress over hopping on and off the highway when you don’t have to. 

Our recreational dispensary is a 7-minute walk from Union College’s Plainfield campus and is close to the train station. Whether you’re coming into or out of the city, you can easily access Royal M’s retail location. 

Not to mention, we’re across the street from Faraones Night Club of Plainfield NJ, the 200-year-old bank that has been transformed into a nightclub. So, you can pick up your essentials and meet your friends for a good time any day of the week. 

Accessible payment options

Although the cannabis industry is restricted from being able to accept credit card payments, recreational dispensaries in New Jersey can accept debit and cash as valid forms of payment. 

With this in mind, we recommend that you take advantage of online menus and identify some of your must-have cannabis products before coming into the store. (Friendly reminder that all transactions are subject to New Jersey sales tax of 6.625% plus a social equity excise fee of 1/3 of 1%.) This will help you budget and bring the right amount of cash without having to deal with debit or ATM withdrawal fees. 

However, if you’re in a pinch, or end up purchasing more cannabis than anticipated, don’t fret! Royal M has an accessible ATM nearby and allows for debit card processing in-store. 

Visit Royal M cannabis dispensary in Plainfield New Jersey

As you can see, buying cannabis in New Jersey is an exciting yet safe process. From a safe and vibrant atmosphere to a variety of options in product and payment, Royal M is where you get to make the rules when it comes to your well-being. 
It doesn’t matter what cannabis products you use or why – we’re here to help you find the everyday luxury of self-care. Browse our online menu or stop by in-store to buy your favorite items today.


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