The Story of Royal M's Queen City Cannabis

Bringing positivity and light to Plainfield’s cannabis community

Royal M stands as a crown jewel, being among the first of many New Jersey cannabis dispensaries, a testament to both our legacy and our future. Within our ranks, you’ll find mothers nurturing, daughters inspiring, teachers enlightening, athletes pushing boundaries, doctors healing, and engineers innovating – all deeply rooted in the tapestry of local New Jersey life.

Our commitment extends beyond expertise; we believe it is an everyday luxury to feel your best, and that’s why we bring only the finest, top-shelf cannabis products to our New Jersey dispensary menu. Each item in our dispensary is meticulously selected to elevate your moments with uncompromising quality.

Our mission is a hopeful one, aimed at dismantling outdated stigmas and forging a united path forward. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or just embarking on this journey with us for the first time, Royal M is more than another NJ recreational dispensary – it is a destination where well-being through cannabis reigns above all.

Through our education and understanding, we will introduce you to the amazing benefits of this plant. Whether you are experiencing pain, anxiety, or just want to relax and get a good night’s sleep, let our dispensary experts guide you to the wonderful and life-changing benefits of cannabis.

With our scientific background, you can feel reassured that Royal M is your trusted New Jersey cannabis dispensary  finest and highest quality products.

Welcome to Royal M.

Meet Our Team


Ananya Mukerjee


Ananya is a highly accomplished professional with a plethora of experiences in highly regulated industries. As the CEO of Royal M LLC, Ananya has been instrumental in establishing and scaling a thriving business. Her strategic vision, operational acumen, and commitment to full legal and regulatory compliance have been key factors in the company’s success. Ananya now comes to the cannabis industry with a strong vision as to how to thrive in this space successfully, compliantly, and creatively. Her ability to manage contractors and manufacturers ensured the timely delivery of commissioned tools and materials, further demonstrating her project management and leadership capabilities. Ananya’s early experience as a Chemist with National Starch and Chemical further solidified her scientific background and attention to detail. She maintained rigorous laboratory standards, conducted research on chemical compositions, and performed quality control tests to ensure product integrity. With a proven track record in various industries and her extensive experience in the cannabis sector, Ananya Mukerjee is a highly skilled asset, well-equipped to drive growth, innovation, and compliance in the dynamic cannabis field.


Rahul Patel

Director of Retail

Rahul Patel, a dynamic entrepreneur from the Greater Boston area, is deeply entrenched in the cannabis industry. His notable contributions to the cannabis industry reflect a dedication to innovation and excellence, fostering growth and quality for retailers. Beyond mere business success, Rahul’s visionary approach seeks to explore new horizons within the cannabis industry, guided by a blend of emotions and a relentless pursuit of future achievements. Instrumental in driving revenue growth and enhancing customer satisfaction, his leadership embodies a commitment to providing safe access to cannabis and promoting consumer education, thereby prioritizing community well-being and informed consumption.


Matt Ferker

General Manager

Born and raised in Queens NY, Matt started his cannabis journey campaigning with multiple nonprofits working on the decriminalization, medicinal, and recreational legalization of cannabis in the Massachusetts market. After a lifetime of experience in the legacy and nonprofit sector, it was finally time to make this his career and truly embrace his passion for cannabis and the beautiful culture that comes from the plant. A hash head at heart, Matt can’t wait to see the expansion of the concentrate market here in NJ.

Jennifer Castro

Fulfillment / Inventory Manager

Jenn is a New Jersey native who has been in the cannabis industry for 3 years. She started out as a lab and grow tech in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, where she fell completely in love with the industry’s culture. This is also where she became a perpetual cone stuffer, which continues to be her favorite method of consumption. When she decided to move back to NJ, she knew she desperately wanted to stay in cannabis. So, she became a budtender for Garden State Dispensary, which was a medical only dispensary in Woodbridge. She quickly worked her way up to Inventory Control Specialist and moved to their Union location, where she flourished. She had been with GSD through their transition into becoming Ayr Wellness, and becoming a recreational dispensary. Jenn is excited to bring her experience to Royal M as their Inventory and Fulfillment Manager.

Thank you for choosing Royal M as your New Jersey dispensary! We’re honored to share our passion for cannabis and look forward to helping you find the perfect products for your needs.

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or new to this wonderful plant, Royal M is the perfect place to discover and enhance your experience.


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