The Relationship Between Cannabis & Yoga

Dating back to ancient times, spiritual rituals and ceremonies would combine the therapeutic power of both cannabis and yoga to enhance one’s overall well-being. Today, the relationship between cannabis and yoga is stronger than ever, with scientific studies linking how this form of exercise reacts similarly to when cannabis is consumed in our bodies. 

Learn about the science and history behind cannabis and yoga, plus best practices and benefits to finding your flow with the plant. 

The Basics of Cannabis & the Human Body

If you’ve ever completed a fitness workout or exercised in general, you might’ve noticed that “high” feeling of bliss afterward. Continuous scientific research suggests that this adrenaline rush felt after exercise is linked to our endocannabinoid system (ECS), a major system that regulates homeostasis, or balance, within the body – which can be further enhanced with the consumption of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. 

Receptors and neurotransmitters, known as endocannabinoids, in the ECS work to maintain balance and regulate natural responses and signals throughout the body – including our nervous and central systems, and respiratory and digestive systems. These receptors are identified as CB1 & CB2, playing significant roles throughout our body.

Scientists have examined the physiological influence yoga has on the body, and theorized that this exercise stimulates the key receptor CB1, boosting your mood and promoting that overall “high” you experience after a mindful yoga workout! 

This scientific discovery of how cannabis influences our body similar to a workout further proves the connection of cannabis elevating one’s mind, body, and soul during yoga practice.

The Historical Ritual of Yoga Practice 

The complex connection between yoga and cannabis traces back to ancient times when cultural rituals with spiritual significance incorporated plant medicine into their practice. Dating back to over 3,000 years ago, ancient Hindu scriptures made references to the ritualistic consumption of cannabis by the principal gods and deities in Hinduism.

These historical accounts suggest that ancient yogis may have used cannabis to aid in meditation and enhance their ability to attain heightened states of consciousness. 

What are the Benefits of Practicing Yoga with Cannabis? 

Take a deep inhale, hold it in for a few, then let out an exhale. What do you feel in your body and the environment around you? Cannabis during yoga practice can benefit you not just in the present moment, but in the winding down and recovery of a solid flow. 

Next time you’re ready to hit your local yoga studio or find your flow with cannabis and yoga, consider the following benefits: 

Increased Sensory Awareness 

The many various effects of cannabis are known to increase our sensory perception. Whether it’s the feel of a nice stretch or the whiff of aromatherapy in the air, cannabis can help to increase the mind and body connection that is being strengthened in yoga. 

Pain Management & Winding Down 

Whether it’s on the mat or post-workout, muscle aches and pains are often associated with yoga. Cannabis use can help alleviate any muscle soreness from yoga, or help to practice more comfortably. CBD helps alleviate pain by reducing inflammation in the body. Pairing the effects of CBD/THC and combining it with Yoga can be beneficial for those with inflammation or nerve disorders

  • Cannabis topicals can be applied directly to the affected area to help reduce inflammation and soreness associated with muscle or joint pain. (Without any psychoactive effects)

Enhanced Relaxation & Relief 

The mindful practice of yoga is already calming and soothing for the body and soul. Incorporating a cannabis strain or product designed for similar relaxation, such as one with calming terpenes such as myrcene or linalool, can help to further enhance your sense of calmness and relief. 

  • Cannabis edibles like the Sweet Oranges lozenges from Valhalla with calming cannabinoids and terpenes can help keep you balanced and refreshed during your yoga practice. For instance, Myrcene is a terpene with sedated properties, depending on the ratio consumed. 

Tips for the Best Yoga Experience 

With a better grasp of how cannabis can help elevate and enhance your yoga practice, consider these best practices to further optimize your experience with cannabis and yoga: 

  • Start with a low dose! Especially when trying a new product or incorporating cannabis with yoga for the first time, start slow and low with your cannabis dosage and assess the effects before increasing as needed. 
  • Drink more water! Remember that yoga is a great form of exercise, meaning your body will need to stay hydrated and cooled before, during, and after your practice! 
  • Incorporate breathwork. Considering the way THC can alter our perception or state of mind, practice slower routines in yoga and stay mindful and present with your moves. Yin yoga, or restorative yoga, is designed to flow at a slower pace to focus your body’s attention on relaxing. For instance, the terpene pinene is a bronchodilator which helps some get more air into their lungs.

Elevating Your Fitness with Royal M Dispensary in New Jersey 

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Whether it’s your first time incorporating cannabis into a workout routine, or you’re looking to elevate your physical fitness through cannabis, understanding the strong connection between cannabis and yoga can help you master this practice mindfully.

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